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The Team

After years of working together, talking smack and discussing football.  Chad and Shane decided to try something new and see if they could conquer the podcasting world.  After realizing they knew nothing about the internet they decided to bring in Liam for his technical knowledge.  Shortly after, Kaylin joined on as a 3rd host and the Goin' for 2 twitch streamer.

Shane Sauve


This Steelers fan was born and raised in London, Ontario. Shane grew up watching football with his grandfather who taught him not only the rules of the game but how to play Proline at a young age.  During his high school football career he played in two playoff games. One was as a 9th grader as a special teams player and the second as a starting cornerback vs. CCH were they turned the scoreboard off at halftime...wish I was kidding. His dry sense of humor and sarcastic comedy is usually leading the conversation with Chad because he can read the board. Love him or hate him it will not change the look on his face or his day in any way. "Some weeks they love me, some weeks they hate me. Both weeks I get paid."

Liam O'Brien

Liam is originally from London, Ontario but unlike the other guys never played football and came into the sport as an adult.  Being the technical one of the group, Liam's expertise is in social media and helping Goin' for 2 create an online presence.  Being the guy behind the camera has its benefits as, he is able to do any of the quick research that is needed to continue the show. Whether its the filming, the editing, the posting or the creating, Liam has all the technical aspects of Goin' for 2 covered.


Chad Stewart

Born and raise in London ON, while most young boys were watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Chad was watching “The Drive” on repeat getting brainwashed that Joe Montana is the GOAT. Starting to play football at the age of 7, he quickly learned that with the typical QB prototype body he possessed, it was only a matter of time before he realized coaching was a better option for him. Chad is very passionate about football and sometimes over the top, which leads to many times where he will ramble on and won’t stop until everyone has heard his piece. A sucker for punishment he is a loyal Buccaneers fan, but at least he’s a realist. When they suck. He’ll tell you they suck.


Kaylin Sigsworth

This die hard Titans fan was born in a little town called Nairn. Kaylin found football when moving to London, where either you play football or hockey, and he skated like happy Gilmore. Deciding at an early age that the powder blue jerseys and the unique play style of Steve McNair drew him to become a fan of the team. He played 4 years of high school ball starting as a wideout before making the switch to defense where he found the real love of the game. Willing to have lively debate and conversations about any team.

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